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Contractor's License Resource

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My name is Josh Cotner and I used to work in construction.  I fell through a roof in 2005 and had a nightmare workers compensation claim.  I needed to support my family and I learned a lot about liability and insurance during my recovery time.  I had to fight the workers compensation company to get the results I was entitled to. 

After my injury I learned a lot about insurance and the law and I started selling insurance with a National Contractors Insurance Company, RRG which was started by ABC Supply. 

I worked with them for several years until the depression took its toll on the insurance carriers reserves.  NCIC was shut down but all my roofers still needed coverage, so I worked and found other insurance companies to work with that liked writing roofing insurance.

I have sold a lot of insurance to roofing contractors over the years and I have seen it all.  I have helped thousands of roofing contractor find affordable insurance, cover the construction risks, keep money in their pockets, and fight for coverage to pay claims for my roofers.

We listen and help our contractors with information that we have put together from years.

If you need help getting your license, a surety bond, contractor insurance contact us to request a call.